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Beautiful Handmade Drop Earrings From India

As a country rich in culture which has such a love of colour, India is renowned for producing some of the most beautiful handmade jewellery in the world. 

Daughters of the Ganges has a wonderful selection of drop earrings made by talented artisans in India, with every piece made with the utmost love and care.

When you purchase any of our ethical bracelets, earrings or necklaces, you’ll be supporting vulnerable artisans in many of the poorest communities outside New Delhi and other small villages, while giving them an outlet for their talents.

Traditional jewellery-making skills in India produce so many gorgeous pieces, but unfortunately, artisans have been hit hard by the advent of fast fashion. Daughters of the Ganges look to change this by connecting customers all over the world with Indian artisans.

Our handmade drop earrings are ideal for wearing at both special events or when you want to look glamorous in everyday life.

We also have bracelets and necklaces in a range of different styles. Whatever your loved one’s tastes, we have ethical jewellery to suit all preferences.

Among our latest range of drop earrings are these Zara Earrings which pair golden brass with olive green tassels. As with all our pieces, because it’s handmade, it has unique imperfections that make it extra special.

If you’re searching for stunning drop earrings for Christmas, why not explore our ethical, fair trade jewellery today?