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Beautiful Handmade Pouches For Gifting Your Jewellery

Daughters of the Ganges not only have artisans producing gorgeous jewellery, but a range of pouches and bags.

Made by an NGO (non-governmental organisation) just outside of Delhi, we’re proud to have 70 women working with them to make these quality pouches and bags, which come in a variety of styles.

A NGO is a non-profit organization that furthers a social or humanitarian mission around the globe. In our case, we look to support poorer communities in India, enabling people to use their traditional skills to make a living.

Every pouch and bag is lovingly hand-stitched by talented artisans.

Among our range is this stunning Lia Pouch which has a unique blue jacquard pattern and a handy zip closure. Made of the best quality cotton, it can be used to store all sorts of small items.

We also have this Nila Printed Grocery Bag which is both functional and attractive. Ideal for making your shopping trips more environmentally friendly, this bag has a base made of jute, which means it is also extremely strong. Trade your plastic bags for this beautiful grocery bag and you’ll have a long-term solution instead.

With free shipping on products to the UK, our pouches and jewellery will make a wonderful gift this winter.

Why not explore our collection of handmade pouches and bags? Or find out more about DOTG and the work that we do.