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Beautiful Necklaces Handmade By Talented Artisans

Want to treat someone to captivating jewellery this Christmas?

Buying for an ethical, conscious consumer can be tricky when looking for necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Fortunately, it couldn’t be easier when you choose our collection. 

One of our necklaces could be the ideal yuletide gift this year. Made with natural, hypoallergenic materials, Daughters of the Ganges specialise in jewellery crafted in India by artisans in poorer communities. 

All pieces are crafted using sustainable materials like brass, glass beads, and enamel. 

One of our latest pieces is this Ramya necklace which is perfect for people who love life’s most royal colour: purple. Often associated with luxury, creativity and wisdom, purple is well-loved by those with artistic personalities. 

This reversible necklace is made with white glass beads and mixed metals. Ideal for wearing along with formal or informal outfits, it will look lovely at those New Years parties. 

Elsewhere in our collection is our Helen Necklace which has a semi-circular pendant made of rustic blue, patina-finished brass. Also available in red or green, the pendant is reminiscent of a slice of orange or a crescent moon.

Many of our necklaces, including this design, come with matching earrings. Our Helen earrings make it easy to complete your look.

If you’re looking for sustainable, handmade necklaces, don’t forget to explore our latest range today.