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Beautifully Crafted Fair Trade Bracelets From India

By buying fair trade jewellery, you’ll be helping vulnerable people to make a living. You’ll also be investing in handmade pieces which are more unique than those which are mass-produced. All pieces will have those tiny imperfections that make them even more special.

Why buy fair trade jewellery, like our bracelets, from India?

Fast fashion has had a devastating effect on talented individuals and communities, including those based in poorer areas of India.

Although it is a developing country, two-thirds of people in India still live in poverty (around 84 million live in ‘extreme’ poverty) and it’s still a major challenge in the 21st century.

Daughters of the Ganges looks to help talented jewellery makers in poor communities to make a living, while sharing their pieces with people all over the world. We offer free deliveries to the UK, making us particularly ideal for those buying in Britain.

Along with earrings and necklaces, we have bracelets in a variety of styles, including beaded designs.

Our latest bracelets include this glass beaded set of 3 Esha Bracelets, which are perfect for stacking. They can be worn individually or combined with other pieces to create all sorts of effects. Like all our necklaces, bracelets and earrings, they’re made using environmentally friendly materials found in India.

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