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Beautifully Handmade Drop Earrings From India

Searching for the perfect Valentine’s gift for a loved one? Are they a fan of ethical shopping and environmentally-friendly jewellery?

Drop earrings can be everything from elegant and sophisticated to pretty and fun. At DOTG we think they’re even better when they’re handmade. Our earrings, bracelets and necklaces provide skilled artisans with a regular income in poorer communities in India.

Pendulous earrings can be worn both casually or to formal events. Whatever style of earrings you might be searching for, Daughters of the Ganges has a great variety of styles to choose from. We only sell ethically-made, fair trade earrings.

Among our collection of handmade earrings are these Kiran Earrings meticulously crafted using a variety of jewellery making techniques. As with all our pieces, it is handmade so comes with its own unique imperfections.

It is also made completely from natural and sustainable materials, making it the ideal gift for an eco-warrior. Better yet, all our fair trade earrings are hypoallergenic and delivered in a handmade cotton pouch.

We also have these Parul Earrings which are made using rich blue patina-finished brass and sustainably sourced mother of pearl. With their gorgeous iridescent effect, these modern earrings make a wonderful gift this winter.

Explore our latest collection of handmade drop earrings. Or find out more about Daughters of the Ganges and what we do today.