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Ethically Made Earrings Made With Sustainable Materials

Recent research has found that, in the wake of the cost of living crisis, people are making more careful decisions when purchasing clothes and jewellery. In particular, we’re looking to make more sustainable choices and move away from feeding the fast fashion industry.

Daughters of the Ganges has ethically made earrings in an array of styles. 

From brass drop-down earrings to stylish geometric designs, our artisans carefully produce a range of pieces.

Since all our jewellery is handcrafted in India, they have their own tiny imperfections that make them completely unique. Every purchase you make will be helping to support poorer communities that specialise in traditional jewellery making. 

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Our latest designs include these Lalita Earrings which have that dazzling combination of blue and gold. The ideal gift for an ethical shopper and conscious consumer, they’re not only made of sustainable materials but 100% vegan friendly.

Ideal for making a bold statement, these sea-blue earrings are reminiscent of Mediterranean seas, warm summer days and clear azure skies. Just like with all our jewellery, they come with a cotton, handmade pouch. 

You’ll find the latest earring, necklace and bracelet designs on our Instagram. 

If you’re looking for beautiful ethically made earrings, check out our latest collections today.