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Ethically Sourced Jewellery Wonderful For Gifting

Know somebody with a passion for fair trade jewellery?

Although there’s still a few months to go, it’s a great time to get ahead with Christmas shopping. Whatever your loved-one’s tastes, you’ll find jewellery with a blend of traditional and modern qualities at Daughters Of the Ganges.

We love providing Indian jewellery for ethical, eco- conscious consumers.

From statement necklaces and beaded bracelets to drop earrings, you’ll find a lovely range of jewellery made by artisans in India using natural, sustainable materials like brass. Hypoallergenic, vegan-friendly and affordable, our ethically sourced jewellery supports traditional artisans- particularly women in poorer areas outside New Delhi.

Our fair trade jewellery includes this Diva Necklace which is made using brass and sustainable fibres.

Tassels are one of the most classic features in jewellery- some of the pieces found in Tutankhamen's tomb had them attached. This olive green tassel is wrapped around a textured golden brass pendant.

With its striking pendant, it’s ideal for formal or informal outfits. As with all our pieces, it will be sent in a 100% cotton, handmade pouch.

Elsewhere are these Aditi Sunrise Earrings which have green patina half-circles reminiscent of a rising sun. Summer might have drawn to a close but these earrings will brighten up your life all year round.

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