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Explore Our Collection Of Glass Bead Jewellery

With DOTG, you can purchase stunning jewellery and support skilled artisans in India at the same time. 

Colourful beaded jewellery is a great way to bring instant style to any outfit. They can easily be mixed or matched to create all sorts of unique looks.

Daughters of The Ganges has a wonderful collection of ethical, fair trade jewellery made by artisans, including those in poorer villages outside New Delhi. Since all our pieces are handcrafted, they have unique imperfections that make them extra special.

There is a rich tradition of artisans making jewellery in India. Jewellery-making in India can be traced back more than 5000 years, including the epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana. There has been physical traces of ancient Indian jewellery made by the Indus Valley civilization. Initially, pieces were made from beads, strings, and stones. 

Our beautiful jewellery comes in a variety of styles and is made with a range of environmentally-friendly materials, including glass beads.

If you’re longing for summer, why not check out these Tara Earrings which can bring sunshine into your life in any season? Made using mixed metals and glass beads, they’re bright, sunshiny and fun.

Among our latest collections you’ll also find this Komal Necklace which has charms of turquoise glass beads and golden leaves. Intricate and subtle, it goes perfectly with our Bina Bracelet for the complete turquoise look.

Explore our selection of glass bead jewellery for more information.