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‘Indian happens to be a very rich country inhabited by poor people’.

(Manmohan Singh).

If you’re looking to buy handmade ethical jewellery online, where better to look than to a country that is renowned for its colourful festivals, fascinating traditions and beautiful architecture?

Traditionally made Indian jewellery is renowned for being both elegant and eye-catching, from its pendulous earrings to its colourful necklaces.

Although Indian jewellery is most known for being ornate and eye-catching, probably due to the pieces worn at Indian weddings, you can also get more simple, traditionally-made contemporary jewellery that is both natural and gorgeous.

Their jewellery designs are as old as civilisation itself and the country has a rich history on which to draw inspiration. Daughters of the Ganges look to produce the most stunning contemporary jewellery using traditional techniques.

Daughters of the Ganges specialises in ethically produced, handmade jewellery that can be ordered online.

Whether you’re looking to buy jewellery as a gift or searching for a piece to treat yourself, we have a stunning collection to choose from.

Our ethical handmade jewellery includes this Rainbow Indira Necklace that is instantly charming. Rainbows are a popular symbol of peace, hope and serenity, making them the ideal gift to give at the beginning of the year.

All our jewellery can be ordered online and is made by artisans in Indian. By buying from Daughters of the Ganges, you’ll be supporting vulnerable women and helping them to support themselves.