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Exquisite And Unique Handcrafted Jewelry

Are you looking for stunning and unique handcrafted jewelry?

You’ll find an enchanting collection of fair trade jewelry available to order at Daughters of the Ganges, including bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

India is a country once compared to a ‘jewelry store’ by the writer Suzy Kassem, who wrote about its ‘kaleidoscope of titillating, soul-raising sights and colours’. There are few countries that provide more inspiration in terms of styles and colours for jewelry designs.

Blending modern Western styles with traditional Indian techniques, our unique fair trade jewelry makes a wonderful gift for any loved one.

In particular, we help women artisans to have a regular income and remain independent. Our skilled artisans produce stunning and unique jewerly that is sold all over the world.

By investing in our handcrafted jewelry, you’ll be making a genuine difference to somebody’s life, including to those in small villages outside Delhi. After all, Gandhi did once say, ‘The future of India lies in its villages.’

All our ladies are well-paid and given flexible working hours so they can support their families. We’re always introducing new and exciting designs made using quality raw materials. Every single one of our pieces is made using environmentally friendly materials and fair practices.

Why not explore our latest collection of handcrafted jewelry today.