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Free Deliveries On Unique Handmade Jewellery From India

As a country of 1.37 billion people, India is the second most populated country in the world. Famous for its diverse landscape, colourful festivals, and hot cuisine, it is also known for its traditional jewellery-making skills.

Arts and crafts have always been important in this country. However, modern culture is having a big impact on traditional skills like jewellery making. This is a real shame because they’ve often been passed down for several generations. Fast fashion has also made life even harder for those living in poverty.

Indian jewellery is as colourful and varied as the country’s history. With its admixture of modern and traditional qualities, there’s something for everyone.

Daughters of the Ganges specialise in unique handmade jewellery crafted by artisans in poorer communities. In particular, we focus on women and strive to help them achieve independence, fairer wages and a more dignified life.

From delicately pretty earrings and necklaces, to bracelets ideal for that finishing touch, our handmade jewellery makes wonderful gifts. With DOTG, you can invest in unique jewellery while empowering women at the same time. 

On our Instagram page, you can keep up with the latest fair trade pieces. Among our latest collections are these Green Kiran Earrings which have circular green-patina finished brass discs.

If you’re searching for unique handmade jewellery, discover more about Daughters of the Ganges today.