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Jewellery Made With Sustainable Materials

Home to a billion people, India is a metaphorical treasure trove of skilled communities, many of whom can produce the most stunning handmade jewellery.  

The lifestyles of those in Indian villages are known for being diverse and vibrant. Unsurprisingly, so is the jewellery. There’s no better way to get a true taste of India than by investing in their colourful jewellery made using the finest quality sustainable materials.

All our pieces are made using sustainable materials and can support skilled artisans in some of the poorest areas of India, including villages based outside New Delhi.

New Delhi is even famous for its ‘Craft Village’ which has built recognition for these types of communities and offers in-house residencies for some artists.

With Daughters of the Ganges, you can buy unique handicrafts produced by women artisans in particular. By purchasing our fair trade jewellery, you’ll be supporting women in vulnerable positions and helping them remain independent. You’ll also be helping to continue traditions that have gone on for centuries.

All our pieces are lovingly crafted by artisans who are fairly paid, with flexible hours in which to carry out their work. By working with raw materials at home, they can carry out work around their family commitments. All pieces are made from environmentally-friendly materials.

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