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Our Beautiful And Affordable Ethical Jewelry

While the Coronavirus crisis is affecting countries all over the world, it’s having a particularly catastrophic effect on poorer countries and communities, including those in India.

However, there has recently been some bright news in this part of the world, with the growth of the virus reduced by 40% since the lockdown, according to Business Standard.

If you’re looking to support artisans, particularly female artisans who need to support their families in India, simply invest in our beautiful and affordable ethical jewelry.

Our stunning pieces are produced by skilled artisans based in small villages outside New Delhi and various other locations. We look to help marginalised communities make a living through their unique skills while maintaining a transparent jewelry making process.

We believe in helping people gain freedom through fairtrade.

Our ethical jewelry is sold to customers all over the world and since they’re handcrafted, every single piece has unique touches to it. We offer currently free shipping to the UK so don’t hesitate to find your perfect piece on our website.

Our artisans produce a variety of exquisite pieces ranging from earrings and necklaces to bracelets in a number of styles. All our products are beautifully presented and make lovely gifts for all sorts of special occasions.

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