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Sustainable Jewellery Companies

Daughter of the Ganges is a brand that is very conscious about its social imprint on the world. We bring you handcrafted and ethically created products from India. We are proud to be one of the more sustainable jewellery companies in the market right now.

Created when we realised we could make a difference to the vulnerable and marginalised communities in India, our company helps artisans in these communities under the fair trade principles.

We devote time and resources to ensure our artisans have sustainable jobs and skills that they can carry on throughout their lives. Women that cannot leave their homes are given raw materials and tools to work with from home, making communities more inclusive.

Our end goal is to support the development of the artisans that produce our goods. There is a rapidly growing market for handcrafted goods around the world and we want to use Fair Trade to allow our artisans access to this market.

With your help, we believe we can improve the lives of several artisans by providing them with the ability to live self-sufficiently as well as providing a more stable income.

If you have any further questions on why you should only buy from sustainable jewellery companies, or have any questions about our products themselves please get in touch via the form on our site.