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Sustainable Jewellery Made With Love And Care

Handmade jewellery is not only more special, with those tiny imperfections that testify to its maker. They’re often made with sustainable materials, like those produced by our artisans at Daughters of the Ganges.

India has long been famous for producing unique and stunning jewellery. In the late 16th century, the country introduced such popular techniques as kundan setting and enamelling, which have been adopted all over the world. 

Despite the introduction of fast fashion, India still has many skilled artisans working in some of the country’s poorest communities. These artisans have immense talent but often find it difficult to make a living in a world of mass production. This has further been frustrated by the Covid-19 crisis, which has had a terrible impact on many communities.

Our jewellery is perfect for ethical gifting in the UK.

Daughters of the Ganges look to give these artisans, particularly women, the chance to make a living from their skills. Follow us on Instagram and you’ll have access to the latest sustainable pieces. We have everything from beautiful earrings and bracelets to necklaces made using environmentally-friendly materials.

Our handmade pieces are sold all over the world, with free deliveries to customers in the UK. We also have a variety of eco-friendly pouches to choose from. 

If you’re looking for sustainable jewellery from India, don’t forget to explore our latest collections today.