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Unique Handmade Jewellery At Budget-Friendly Prices

The best jewellery has the ability to make even the plainest outfit feel special.

Want to jazz up a dark top? Simply wear a statement piece like our Indira necklace. Or wish to glamorise a casual summer dress? Simply pop on a pair of bright earrings like our Freida Earrings.

Like many of our unique handmade jewellery, our Indira necklace is crafted using brass. It closely resembles a rainbow so is ideal for lifting someone’s spirits. Gold, green and rust in colour, it’s finished with a stunning patina effect.

All our jewellery is not only unique but eco-friendly, sustainable and made using hypoallergenic materials. It’s therefore ideal for eco-conscious consumers.

At Daughters of the Ganges you’ll find all sorts of treasures crafted by talented artisans in India.

Among our range are vegan-friendly bracelets, necklaces and earrings, all made using sustainable materials. With free deliveries in the UK, our handmade jewellery is perfect for people on all kinds of budgets. They come ready for gifting in a natural pouch which is also handmade.

Latest pieces include these Brinda Earrings which feature concentric rings of blue and gold. Crafted using golden brass, they’re reminiscent of art deco jewellery. They’re ideal for jazzing up both formal and informal wear.

If you’re searching for unique handmade jewellery, don’t forget to explore our latest collection today.