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Vegan Accessories Made With Love In India

Going vegan is not only good for your health: it helps save the planet by cutting down on carbon emissions. So, what exactly makes accessories vegan?

In order to be vegan-friendly, jewellery should be made with no animal byproducts, whether that’s leather, wool or animal-derived fabrics.

Vegan-friendly accessories should also not have exploited animals at any point during the manufacturing process.

All our necklaces, bracelets and earrings are 100% vegan friendly, along with made from sustainable materials. 

All our pieces are made from ethically sourced materials like brass, which are beautiful and long-lasting. Not only that, every purchase you make benefits our jewellery-makers at Daughters of the Ganges, many of whom are based just outside New Delhi.

We love working with craftsmen and women in vulnerable communities, helping them to maintain traditional jewellery making skills that would otherwise fade away.

Latest earrings include these Aditi Sunrise Earrings with a green patina combined with golden brass. These pretty earrings are ideal for reminding you that spring is on the way (eventually!). They’ll bring sunshine on even the gloomiest winter day.

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