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Beautiful Brass Metal Necklaces Handmade In India

Brass is one of the sustainable materials our artisans use to make their handmade pieces.

Brass is not only highly sustainable, since it can be remade several times, it is affordable, workable and durable. It can also be coloured gold or silver, so is easy to customise.

Brass can resemble other materials like gold and has excellent hardwearing qualities. Even when it ages and loses its lustre, it can have a rustic vintage appearance. Consequently, it’s been used as a jewellery-making material for thousands of years. Unlike gold and silver, brass necklaces, earrings and bracelets tend to be budget-friendly.

Vegan friendly and sustainable jewellery ideal for special occasions.

Our collections include this Ruhani Necklace which is made of golden brass and, like all our pieces, is hypoallergenic. This modern piece has an opaque square with a design etched on it by hand. It’s ideal matched with these Ruhani Earrings which are made in the same style.

We also have this Lola Necklace which has a curved band with chevron stripes. Made from gold brass, this statement piece is also highly wearable.

Purchase any of our necklaces, bracelets and earrings and you’ll be supporting craftsmen and women in poorer communities in India.

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