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Looking For Eco Friendly Jewellery Brands In The UK?

Know someone who loves fair trade jewellery?

Daughters of the Ganges has stunning Indian pieces that will brighten up even the darkest of winters. One of the best eco-friendly brands for those who love Indian pieces, our designs have a blend of traditional and contemporary qualities.

Our ethically and fairly made jewellery makes wonderful Christmas gifts. Since they come with a handmade pouch, they’re also instantly ready for gifting. Better yet, they can be shipped free to the UK!

Wear gorgeous jewellery while supporting craftsmen and women.

Helping artisans achieve freedom through free trade, we have a wonderful choice of bracelets, necklaces and earrings to choose from.

All are made using natural, environmentally friendly materials. Among our latest range is this Zoya bracelet which is made of mixed metals and enamel. With its dark blue enamel, this beautiful bracelet is a great finishing touch to any winter outfit.

Meanwhile, our latest earrings include these Priya Triangle Earrings which boast a blue and berry patina finish. Golden stripes of brass decorate the circles, making these wonderfully festive looking pieces.

We’re committed to empowering and developing communities in poorer parts of India, ensuring they have the means with which to make a living. Subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll learn about our latest products and events.

If you’re seeking eco-friendly jewellery brands, find out more about Daughters of the Ganges or check out our Instagram today.