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Searching For Sustainable And Ethical Jewellery Brands?

India has a complex and colourful culture which is reflected in its beautifully intricate jewellery. Indian author Sadhguru described it as a country where everything from the language and food to music and way of dressing ‘changes every fifty and hundred kilometres’.

The same goes for Indian jewellery which comes in a variety of styles, with modern pieces a striking blend of the modern and traditional.

Our affordable jewellery made by artisans in India is the ideal treat for Christmas. On our website, you’ll find a great choice of necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Most of our products are hypoallergenic and come packaged in 100% cotton handmade pouches, which are made of waste materials. They’re there both ready for gifting and ecofriendly.

With free shipping to the UK, we’re a great choice if you’re looking for ethical jewellery brands in India. We’re dedicated to helping our artisans achieve independence through fair trade.

If you’re searching for ethical jewellery brands that use sustainable materials, Daughters of the Ganges is an excellent choice. Our jewellery makers always use ethically sourced materials, including those which are recycled.

In particular, we’re committed to investing in the development of women would result in gender equality, eradication of poverty, women empowerment and most importantly the development of communities in general. 

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