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Vegan-Friendly Bracelets, Earrings And Necklaces

Looking for beautiful accessories for your summer outfits?

Daughters of the Ganges has an exquisite collection of vegan-friendly jewellery. Made using sustainable materials like brass, raffia, enamel, and mixed metals, they’re delivered in a handmade pouch, which is also made from natural materials.

Like India itself, where our pieces are made, they’re inspired by many different cultural influences. Our jewellery makes lovely gifts for anyone who likes ethical, handmade creations. They’re particularly ideal for anyone looking for contemporary pieces which are handcrafted by a talented team of artisans.

Ethical accessories for that perfect finishing touch.

Whether you’re looking for pretty earrings, statement necklaces or beaded bracelets, you’ll find plenty of stunning pieces on our website. All our products are available for free deliveries in the UK.

Our latest treasures include these Vinita Earrings, a geometric design made of raffia wrapped around metal. These earrings are the ideal gift for anyone who loves eco-friendly jewellery.

Other popular pieces include these reversible Ramya Earrings which are purple on one side and white on the other. Made using mixed metals and enamel, we also have a matching necklace so it’s easy to order the entire set.

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If you’re looking for vegan-friendly jewellery from India, check out our latest collections today. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.